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Whistleblowing Women

Australian women who blow the whistle on corruption in their workplaces.

Jessie Holgersson : a Whistleblowing Woman working for Qantas.

Jessie Holgersson, 25, was accepted for training as a Qantas flight attendant, based in London.

Jessie gave up her well-paying job, cancelled her lease, sold her belongings and finalised her plans to move to London.

Imagine her excitement.

On Jessie's second Qantas training flight she watched through her cabin window as flames burst from the engine.

The Boeing 747-400 QF6 flight was forced to make an emergency landing in Singapore.

This was the day after an engine on a Qantas A380 had also blown apart mid-air.

"I stayed calm, I re-assured passengers, I yelled out my commands, I did everything by the textbook," Jessie says.

Qantas supervisor Brian Lynch was on the plane with Jessie.

He wrote a report praising Jessie for doing a "fantastic job" during the emergency.

But after the incident, Qantas staff were given no counselling until 9pm the following day.

Back in Sydney Jessie spoke to the Qantas cabin crew manager.

Jessie said she felt that the Qantas staff had been neglected immediately after the accident.

One week later Julia Ross Limited, a firm Qantas use to hire and train UK staff, advised Jessie that they had decided not to continue with her training.

Solicitor Sean Ryan, from Turner Freeman Lawyers , is taking Jessie Holgersson's case to Fair Work Australia.

Sian Ryan claims that Jessie is being adversely treated because she raised a Workplace Health and Safety issue.

Trainee flight attendant accuses Qantas of sacking her for raising OH&S issues, Tim Vollmer, The Daily Telegraph, 6 December 2010.

Robina Cosser comments :

This poor girl.

She showed inititiative, saw something that could be improved, and made a simple suggestion.

And for that she seems to have lost her hopes, her dreams, her job.

Women who try to do their work in a professional manner soon learn that their intelligence and initiative are not valued in the workplace.

And that there is no desire to deal with simple workplace problems.

All that is wanted is silence.