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Whistleblowing Women

Australian women who blow the whistle on corruption in their workplaces.

A Whistleblowing Woman in the West Australian Department of Corrective Services.

Improper associations between West Australian Department of Corrective Services prison officers and organised crime figures, the leaking of sensitive documents and a toxic culture of bullying have been alleged by a number of whistleblowers.

There is also evidence that a network of investigators from several government departments shared "intelligence" with one another about staff they did not like.

One of the whistleblowers - an investigator from the WA Department of Corrective Services's professional standards division - was stunned to receive a letter on Thursday 5 July ordering her to take indefinite leave.

She was scheduled to return to work on Friday 6 July.

The investigator told The Weekend West that she believed the department had "lost its moral compass".

"It seems to me the policies and procedures there to deal with the sorts of issues I have raised are just smokescreens designed to wear you down until you go away," she said.

"The test of integrity seems to be that if no one knows, then it's OK."

Meanwhile, one of the whistleblower's male colleagues, who referred to women in an email as BMWs - bitching, moaning women - remains in his job.

Hundreds of emails proved that the investigator and her boss were being undermined, which prompted the head of professional standards Terry Buckingham to suspend a member of the internal investigations unit.

The investigator believes her future in the department is now untenable.

She believes evidence supporting her claims was withheld from one inquiry and as a result they were labelled "frivolous and vexatious".

That finding followed a consultant lawyer's report supporting her claims.

Prison whistleblower sent on leave, Gary Adshead, The West Australian, 6 July 2013 :